Drama/Stage/Theatre/Marriage Hall/Photography Background


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  • Product Code no.: DRASTAB_002
  • Size: W/H 20×10 Feet
  • Paint: Acrylic Colors
  • Surface: On Cotton (Gray Cloth)
  • Item Weight: 3000 Grams
  • Product Type: Hand painted
  • Frame: Unframed

Export Market: Ship Worldwide from India
Shipping cost: Free Shipping (All over India)
Estimated delivery time: 8 to 10 working days in India
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Every city and village of every country still has theatre and stage where there are various types of events such as drama, marriage, party, cultural events, fashion shows, photography, etc.

Our company has produced this product in view of the difficulties and other aspects of these events. You can use this background as a stage background.

You can also make design and size changes according to your preference. For this you may contact our company mobile/mail no.

You can be use it for decoration in Drama/Stage/Theatre/Weeding/Marriage Hall/Living/ Drawing room/Office/Hotel/Club/Coffee bar/ Photography Studio etc.

Altogether, it is a useful, sophisticated product that can be used by one place and can be used repeatedly.

Product Details:
Basic Info.

Handmade item

  • Product Name: Drama/Stage Background
  • Product Code: DRASTAB_002
  • Size: W/H 20×10 Feet
  • Surface: On Cotton (Gray Cloth)
  • Paint: Acrylic Colors
  • Product Type: Hand Painted
  • Item Weight: 3000 Grams
  • Frame: Unframed
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 5000 Grams
  • Stock: in Stock
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  • Shipping Cost: Free Shipping (All over India)
  • Estimated Delivery time: 8 to 10 working days in India

Export Market: Ships worldwide from India
International Buyer: Import duty may be applicable (borne by customer)
International Shipping Cost: 1500-/ Approx
Estimated worldwide Delivery time: 10 to 15 working days

Suitable Place: Drama, Stage, Theatre, Weeding, Marriage Hall, On walls a living room, Study, Office, Coffee bar, Club, Hotel, Photography Studio etc.
Packing Detail: Packing in box .

Note: Weight and Measurements are approximate and tentative. Two identical pieces of an item may not have the exact / similar weight, shape and colour etc.
Design in the pattern may differ a little at the time of delivery as it’s a hand crafted product.


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