1. What is the core business of ART HOME?

The core business of Art Home is selling artworks & gift items. This site sells only Original handmade Paintings & Crafts. All Paintings & handicraft items are produced & created at Art Home by a team of professional Artists.

2. How long have you been in business & is this a registered company?

We are in this business selling online from 2011 with growing satisfied Customers & we are constantly moving towards expanding our business from time to time.

Yes, we are a registered company under the Indian Government bearing valid all necessary registrations.

3. Do you ship international orders?

Yes, we ship worldwide every day. If you have an address, chances are we can get it to you.

4. Do you do custom orders for products?

We have the ability to work with our artists for any product that you can dream of. We work with many artists and in some cases the quantities are different.

5. What is your minimum order size?

Usually no, we set our minimum very low. You will find more details at our Terms & Conditions – page. For special orders, please send us an email at: arthomepatna@gmail.com with your queries.

6. How can I purchase artwork or a gift item that I like?

In Order to purchase the chosen product, you need to click on the photo displayed of your desired artwork; there you will get all the relevant details of the artwork. For more details see ‘How to Buy’ Page.

7. How do I know that the order has been confirmed?

After you have placed the order you will receive an email from us acknowledging that the order has been processed. You will also receive the courier details in which your order has been dispatched.

8. How can I pay for my order?

For international buyer: We have the following choices:- Bank Transfer, L/C, & SWIFT Code

For domestic Buyer: By Cheque, Draft, Cash in account

9. How is a product packed for delivery?

Every product is packed manually using professional methods, Between each painting, there is a thin plastic film. If paintings without frame and in small size, we will roll them with PVC tube and use the paper box. No frame of the painting is quite large, folding convenience Use the packet and put in a plastic bag after the end all will be put in a cartoon box. we use according to the needs cartoon box or other for carefully transported to its destination.

10. What delivery methods do you use?

We employ services of leading transport companies in India & guarantee safe delivery.

11. How long does it take for the product to reach me?

For international buyer: See in terms & conditions in ” for international order > Shipping column”.
For Domestic buyer: All products listed in this site are readily available & on receipt of Payment the product will be dispatched immediately. The maximum days for the product to reach you will be 10days in India.

12. Do you cover all regions in India?

Yes, we cover all regions & can send the product to any part of India.

13. How much does my delivery cost?

For international buyer: According to the country, size, the weight of the product packet etc.
For Domestic buyer: The freight charge is displayed with each & every product separately with a minimum charge being Rs150 & maximum being a flat rate of Rs450, no matter how many products you buy in a single purchase.

14. Are any digital technologies used during creation of artworks listed in the site?

No, all works presented at our site are created by professional artists only by hand, without any digital technologies.

15. Can you create artwork on commission?

Yes, we do create artwork on a commission basis. For more send email on info@www.arthomepatna.com

16. Can I get a discount, if I order several articles?


17. I want to purchase a product, but later. Can you reserve it for me?

Of course, we can reserve this painting/ craft for you, just contact us mob: +919431493746 or email: info@www.arthomepatna.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us at
Email: info@www.arthomepatna.com